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The embrace of mediterranean calm

Intro Collection Alhambraint

Designs that embody the spirit of slow living and that stand out for their amazingly light drape and an extraordinarily pleasant texture to the touch, perfect for creating environments of serenity and comfort.


The collection Despacito includes the warm Atardecer and the nostalgic Lento, together with Calma and Siesta. In addition, we have added the latest re-edition of our best seller Hvar, a fabric much appreciated for its rustic style and delicate tones and which becomes the perfect addition to the Despacito collection, designed to enrich your life experience.


Despacito is a visual poem that will transform your home into that haven of serenity you will always want to go back to.

Inspired by the earth and the Mediterranean soul, our fabrics are perfect for creating cozy environments
Discover how linen and natural tones can transform your home into a sanctuary of peace.
Textiles for sheers and interior decoration
Transform your home with 'Despacito', a collection of fabrics that capture the essence of Mediterranean calm
Experience Mediterranean harmony in your home with 'Despacito'
The 'Despacito' collection is an invitation to pause and admire the beauty of well-made things.
In 'Despacito', each fabric is a tribute to the earth. Natural colors, linen, and textures that evoke the simplicity of nature combine
Ideal for interior design projects in both residential and contract spaces.
Transform your space with the softness and warmth of 'Despacito'. Our home-friendly fabrics are designed to merge functionality and aesthetics, creating lively and serene corners. Discover the earth and sea-inspired color palette.



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