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Elegance in sunbath

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Under the light of the Mediterranean sun emerges the Le Soleil collection, a tribute to the serene and relaxed life that emanates from our land. This collection carries in its fibres the essence of our origin like a soft breeze that caresses your skin.


Le Soleil is not just another outdoor collection, one of its most important features is that it is fireproof, which makes it an exceptionally suitable choice for projects that seek safety in addition to elegance

This collection is like a ray of sun that lights up every corner of your projects, reminding you of the peaceful beauty of the Mediterranean that inspires us every day. Dive into the outdoor life with elegance and safety and let the warmth of Le Soleil transform your spaces into havens of calm and sophistication.

Transform your spaces with the warmth of Le Soleil, fabrics that shine with designs inspired by the Mediterranean. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor environments, they bring safety and style
With Le Soleil, each design reflects the tranquility and beauty of the Mediterranean. Ideal for upholstery and decor seeking safety, durability, and a natural touch.
Experience Mediterranean elegance with Le Soleil, a collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics that combine functionality with inspiring design, perfect for sophisticated spaces.
Le Soleil brings the harmony of the Mediterranean to your projects with durable and aesthetic polypropylene fabrics. Ideal for environments seeking to connect with nature and culture.
Incorporate the light and serenity of the Mediterranean into your home with Le Soleil. Durable and lightweight fabrics, perfect for curtains and plaids, transform any space into a haven of peace.
Renew your spaces with Le Soleil, fabrics designed for outdoor living. With flame-retardant properties and a palette inspired by the sea and coast, they offer both safety and natural beauty.
Le Soleil: fabrics that withstand time and weather with elegance. Inspired by the Mediterranean, they are the ideal choice for outdoor and indoor upholstery, combining safety and style.
Discover the Le Soleil collection, where each fabric captures the essence of the Mediterranean. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, they combine durability and design for spaces full of calm
Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Mediterranean with Le Soleil. Flame-retardant fabrics with nature-inspired designs, ideal for residential and contract projects.
Explore Le Soleil, an indoor and outdoor fabric collection inspired by the Mediterranean sun. Unique and durable designs, perfect for upholstery, offering both safety and elegance.
Each fabric from Le Soleil tells a story of origin and natural beauty. From the serene Calas to the dynamic Ocean, transform your spaces with fabrics that withstand time and celebrate outdoor life with elegance and safety.



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