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The light of elegance

Intro Collection Alhambraint

This collection stands out for its subtle warmth and natural elegance, emulating the serene and comforting light of the sun.


The uniqueness of Sunshine is expressed in each of its fibres, imbued with the relaxed elegance and calmness of the Mediterranean slow living. What sets Sunshine apart is its 100% fireproof polyester composition, which masterfully mimics the enveloping, pleasing texture of linen, while adding the multiple advantages of fire-resistant polyester. Designed to provide your life with great durability, it is exceptionally strong, able to withstand intense cycles of use.


Its versatility makes it ideal for residential and contracting industry applications, highlighting its capacity to adapt to diverse contexts with elegance and easily.

The 'Sunshine' collection is synonymous with the harmony between light and texture. Inspired by the Mediterranean, these fabrics are perfect for creating tranquil and stylish spaces in both residential and commercial settings.
Innovation meets tradition in 'Sunshine', with flame-retardant polyester fabrics that mimic the texture of linen. Ideal for interiors that aim to combine aesthetic and advanced functionality.
Experience the essence of Mediterranean Slow-Living with 'Sunshine', fabrics that promote tranquility and relaxed elegance. Perfect for interiors that wish to reflect the calm and well-being distinctive of the Mediterranean climate.
Sunshine' offers fabrics with exceptional durability and natural style. Ideal for spaces demanding resilience and beauty, from residential projects to contract applications.
Find serenity and distinction with 'Sunshine', a collection of fabrics that harmonize advanced functionality and subtle aesthetics. With natural colors and soft texture, each piece invites calm and style into your interior.



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